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Discovering efficacious beauty products can feel like a chore, but that’s what makes the best beauty subscription boxes that much more special. It’s no secret that the beauty industry is saturated with products, both old and new—especially as products continue to stock the shelves of our favorite retailers or go viral on social media. Finding what works for you is no easy feat and honestly requires some trial and error. 

The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

So if you either the time or energy to sift through endless pages of beauty offerings, subscription boxes can take the guesswork out of finding the best of skin, body, hair, makeup, and fragrances. From clean beauty boxes to cult-classic favorites, here’s a look at the best beauty subscription boxes sure to delight. Otherwise, there are also plenty of subscription boxes to give and receive too. Read on to discover the best membership for you.

For Makeup and Skin Care


Are you looking for a beauty subscription service that combines the best of makeup and skin care? If the answer is yes, look to an Ipsy membership that will send five beauty products your way each month—like Benefit Cosmetics pore-refining primer or Tatcha’s exfoliating cleanser.

  • Why We Love It: Ipsy offers a personalized experience like no other. After answering a few questions via the beauty quiz, they’ll deliver you five deluxe beauty samples in a beautiful makeup bag (and no two months are the same!). Additionally, you get to choose one bonus item for your bag each month, making it feel like a birthday gift every time.
  • Price Structure: Prices range from $13 to $28 a month, depending on the plan you choose. Ipsy also offers a quarterly box for $58 that includes eight full-size products.

For Custom Hair Care


When we think of this year’s best shampoos, Prose’s formula tops our list. What sets the brand apart from the rest is its customized approach to hair care—meaning each person gets a personalized formula catered to their specific hair type, concerns, and even place of residence. (Because environmental stressors can certainly impact your hair health.) Simply take a quiz to unlock your regimen, from masks and conditioners to hair oils and curl creams.


Custom Hair-Care Subscription

  • Why We Love It: Prose takes the guesswork out of shopping for hair care products. Otherwise, it can become quite challenging and confusing, especially when you’re seeking something personalized, like addressing your scalp, managing color-treated hair, or nourishing curly textures, considering the limitations of the market.
  • Price Structure: Individual items begin at $24.

For Scent Testing


On the fragrance front, here’s your reminder to check out Scentbird—the O.G. fragrance subscription service that mails a travel-size spray scent for men and women from brands like Prada, Acqua di Parma, and Oscar de la Renta—along with a refillable case.

  • Why We Love It: You’re no longer restricted to paper testers at the mall or obliged to commit to a six-month supply if you want to test-drive a new scent—Scentbird offers you a convenient means to explore your signature scent or be someone who constantly experiments with new fragrances to complement their mood.
  • Price Structure: Your first month plan starts as low as $8.47 and then increases to $16.95.

For Editor-Approved Picks

Allure Beauty Box

Here’s a subscription service ideal for cosmetic lovers who want every product they buy vetted by experts. With the Allure Beauty Box, you will receive six or more editor-approved products to upgrade and supplement your beauty routine.

  • Why We Love It: Vetted by industry experts, the Allure Beauty Box allows you to stay in the know without having to put in the work required to stay on the pulse (hours of media consumption).
  • Price Structure: Your first month plan starts as low as $10 and then increases to $25 a month.

For Your Favorite Brands

BeautyFIX by Dermstore

While another Dermstore order won’t hurt, why not sign up for its BeautyFIX subscription that will ship six full and travel-size beauty products each month? Previous boxes featured impressive products from SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, and more.

  • Why We Love It: Because Dermstore already invests time in curating the best brands, there’s no need to question the legitimacy of the items in their BeautyFIX box. It’s also incredibly convenient to place a full-sized order once you’re hooked.
  • Price Structure: A monthly subscription plan costs $24.95 if you subscribe monthly and only $21.95 if you subscribe annually.

For a Dermatologist Prescription


Say your skin-care regimen or that latest TikTok discovery has yet to clear blemishes, diminish dark spots, or smooth rough texture. Perhaps it’s time to try prescription-grade formulas instead. Similar to an IRL appointment, Curology enlists a network of dermatologists to create custom creams containing at least three active ingredients (like tretinoin, azelaic acid, and niacinamide, for example) to improve your skin concerns—shipped right to your door bi-monthly. In my trial of the service, I saw results in a matter of weeks with consistent use of my personalized cream. Even actor Sofia Wylie is a fan—reaching for it to refresh her combination skin in her installment of Vogue’s beauty secrets. 

  • Why We Love It: Sometimes you just need the strong stuff, and Curology delivers — prescription-grade, thanks to a network of dermatologists, so you can attain precisely what you’re after without taking a shot in the dark or having to try an array of pricey serums and creams.
  • Price Structure: Curology can cost anywhere from $39.90 to $89.80 per month, depending on the number of add-ons you order.

For a Beauty Community


Subscribe to Glossybox to receive five new beauty products each month and join its community of cosmetics-enthusiasts worldwide. From Sunday Riley to First Aid Beauty, their favorite brands are just a couple of clicks away.

  • Why We Love It: Glossybox is an easy way to indulge without breaking the bank. You’ll receive five beauty products you may have been too shy to try, all in one adorable package that you’ll eagerly await at your doorstep.
  • Price Structure: Limited-edition boxes cost anywhere from $15 to $40.

For Healthy Meals

Sakara Life

We get it—prioritizing healthy eating can be a task itself, so we’re fans of Sakara Life’s meal delivery program, which is chock full of whole-food, plant-rich goodies. While eating better can aid in both looking and feeling better, Sakara also offers beauty supplements that you can add to your order—like the Beauty Chocolates, which are rich in natural ceramides.


Signature Nutrition Program

  • Why We Love It: Eating clean has never been easier, thanks to this convenient and delicious meal plan service. It includes nutritionally designed meals as well as supplements, digestive teas, detox water drops, and daily support from their team of certified health coaches.
  • Price Structure: Plans begin at $56 per week, providing one meal for two days each week.

For Clean Beauty

Kinder Beauty Box

Discover clean, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products with the Kinder Beauty Box, which has your loved one covered with skin, hair, body, and makeup brands that are safer for them and the environment.

  • Why We Love It: No more reading ingredient labels with concern and searching online to determine if a product is “harmful”. Kinder’s clean beauty standards are crafted to be as gentle as possible on people, animals, and the planet. This way, you can explore new beauty products with peace of mind.
  • Price Structure: A monthly subscription plan costs $27 per month.

For Expert-Vetted Products

The Detox Box

The Detox Market is dedicated to making “green beauty” accessible through its marketplace of ethically sourced, cruelty-free beauty products vetted by its team of experts. So, with The Detox Box, you will receive an assortment of holy grail products that are thoughtfully crafted and work well too.

  • Why We Love It: The first step to detoxing? Reducing the overwhelming choices and stress associated with selecting clean beauty products. The Detox Box offers a carefully curated selection of the finest face, body, and makeup products on the market, all conveniently packaged in one monthly box.
  • Price Structure: A monthly subscription plan costs $58.95 a month or $40 a month if you subscribe bi-annually.

For Affordable Luxury

Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is all about luxury products without the luxury products. If your desired splurge-worthy favorites are out of reach at the moment, sign up for this membership to gain access to the brand’s assortment of premium beauty products at $59 for the entire year. 

  • Why We Love It: After you’ve fallen in love with your mini products, you can shop Beauty Pie Member Prices, which offer discounts of up to 70% off typical retail prices.
  • Price Structure: A monthly subscription plan costs $10 if you subscribe monthly or $4.95 a month if you subscribe annually.

For Lifelong Learning


Those dedicated to continuous learning should seriously consider a Masterclass subscription—a platform loved for its edit of classes from some of the world’s most renowned leaders and icons. On the beauty front, one can learn makeup tips from Bobbi Brown or even how to get better beauty sleep with neuroscience and psychology professor Matthew Walker.


Standard Annual Membership

  • Why We Love It: While you could become the next big MUA or TikTok star after learning a thing or two from leading makeup professionals, a MasterClass membership unlocks access to all 180+ classes across 11 categories, so there’s really no limit to how much you can learn.
  • Price Structure: Individual memberships start at $120 annually.

For a Close Shave


Make achieving the perfect shave that much easier with Billie’s subscription service which offers so much more than the brand’s coveted Razor Starter Kit. While we do think it’s one of the best women’s razors out there—be sure to add other self-care salves to cart from a rich shaving cream to a nourishing body lotion.

  • Why We Love It: There’s nothing worse than realizing you either don’t have a razor or the one you have is so dull that it’s causing unnecessary nicks and taking four times as long. Billie removes the mental burden of remembering to reorder razors or restricting yourself to whatever is available around you, which can sometimes mean cheap, flimsy, plastic razors.
  • Price Structure: Monthly boxes start at $10 a month.

For Clean Fragrances

Skylar Scent Club

Skylar’s Scent Club is the ultimate fragrance subscription for someone eager to discover clean, hypoallergenic perfumes or someone who simply hasn’t landed on their signature scent yet. Either way, each month, you can take your pick from the brand’s assortment of rollerball perfumes or the monthly limited-edition scent.

  • Why We Love It: There’s no feeling quite as powerful as applying your favorite scent, and with Scent Club, you have a year-end supply of rollerballs at your disposal — one for every nook and cranny in your life, whether it’s in your car, your going-out clutch, your jean pocket, and so on.
  • Price Structure: Monthly boxes start at $20 a month.

For Experimental Manicures

Orly Color Pass

Nail fanatics should look no further than Orly’s subscription box, which delivers bottles of each new polish collection (at 50% of the retail price) to you before they become publicly available. How could you not try trending nail designs or master your at-home mani with so many fun shades to choose from? 

  • Why We Love It: Stay ahead of nail trends with this seasonal box that provides you with everything you need to either paint your nails at home (if you’re feeling adventurous) or bring your favorite high-quality polish with you to the salon.
  • Price Structure: Quarterly boxes start at $36 a month or only $119 if you subscribe annually.

For Vegan Beauty

Petit Vour

Dubbed “The Vegan Beauty Box,” this subscription by Petit Vour is an excellent choice for those hoping to try four new non-toxic, plant-based, cruelty-free beauty essentials each month.

  • Why We Love It: Our holy trinity? Non-toxic, plant-based, cruelty-free products — and that’s precisely what you can count on every month with Petit Vour’s box.
  • Price Structure: A monthly subscription plan costs $21 if you subscribe monthly or only $18 a month if you subscribe annually.

For All Beauty


As the pioneering beauty box on the market, Birchbox allows you to curate your own beauty experience. You can choose from four to six products of your choice each month, along with a fun surprise. This way, there’s no fear of receiving items that don’t align with your needs, unlike other boxes that might leave you with a curly hair shampoo when you have straight hair or eyeliner gel when you’re strictly a pencil person.

  • Why We Love It: Thanks to the customization element, you’re empowered to take charge and select from a variety of beauty products that perfectly align with your lifestyle and needs.
  • Price Structure: Monthly boxes start at $17 a month.


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