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Amazon has finally announced its Black Friday sale for 2023. Historically, it’s been a two-day event starting on Thanksgiving, filled with deals that span across every category, including home and kitchen. This year’s sale is slightly different, however. Starting November 17, you’ll have an extra week to peruse this year’s best deals from top brands. Sale drops will continue through November 27, though they’ll likely change from day to day, so it’s important to keep an eye out for your key wishlist items. There are already so many early kitchen deals worth shopping now that are bound to change. Shop top brands like KitchenAid, All-Clad, Le Creuset, and more up to 62% before they’re gone. 


Best Overall Early Black Friday Kitchen Deals


Best Early Black Friday Appliance Deals 

It always pays to pick up appliances on sale, and right now there are a ton of sure-fire bets that’ll be perfect for your kitchen. This KitchenAid hand mixer is an excellent choice if you want to kick off the holiday season with some baking. It’s the ideal mixer for beginners, which is exactly why it ranked as a top-tested favorite for us. It’s lightweight and fuss-free, with five speeds for control. We love how easy it is to use, plus it just generally performed well whether we mixed cookie dough or whipped cream. It’s up to 33% off right now, so don’t miss out. 

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer


Another one of our top-tested favorites is this All-Clad immersion blender. We love it for blending emulsions, which makes it the perfect thing to pick up for cold-weather soups, holiday salad dressings, or lush homemade sauces for slow Sunday dinners. It even whipped up homemade mayo expertly during our tests. We love its powerful motor and durable design. It comes with a speed dial at the top of the blender, plus a turbo speed button for even more power. Pick it up now while it’s double-discounted. 


Best Early Black Friday Cookware and Bakeware Deals 

With cooler weather coming in stride, we’ll all be spending more time finally making those recipes we’ve had on our list. And you don’t want to realize you’re missing some key cookware pieces at the last minute, especially during the holidays. A Dutch oven is the first essential that comes to mind, and the top-tested, editor-loved Le Creuset version is on sale right now. It’s a true heirloom piece that’ll last ages, with its cast iron interior and enameled coating. Use it for soups, stews, sauces, bread, homemade jams — the options are endless. The flame has the highest discount, but you can also shop for other colors like cerise on sale.  

USA Pan Bakeware Round 9-Inch Cake Pan


Another must-have piece is the cake pan I love. I’m a big fan of USA Pan’s bakeware for its durable designs and slick nonstick coating. This pan has the same qualities with an aluminized steel interior for even heating and a nonstick coating. The base has ridges to help with air circulation and prevent sticking. It’s nearly 40% off, so grab a few on sale for a complete set now. 


Best Early Black Friday Kitchen Tool and Gadget Deals 

From measuring spoons to potato ricers, there are so many kitchen tools worth picking up on sale. Shoppers flock to options like this 38% off Fullstar vegetable chopper for easier, faster prep. It has a clamshell design that pushes food into the dicing blade inserts (it comes in two sizes). You can also leave it open and swap out the inserts for the spiral or ribbon blade. Everything collects in the chopper’s built-in container to keep things tidy. It comes with a finger guard to keep your hands safe, plus cleaning accessories. 

Fullstar 4-in-1 Vegetable Chopper


Our favorite candy thermometer is also on sale just in time for holiday brittles, merengues, puddings, and doughnuts. We love this ThermoPro model for its accuracy since it reads the temperature in seconds, plus it has a built-in clip you can use to affix it to your pot to gauge the temperature at all times. Its bright display screen also makes it easy to keep track, too. 


Best Early Black Friday Food Storage and Organization Deals 

Now’s your last chance to get your kitchen in shape before the holiday season, and luckily, you’ll find a few sale options to pick up now. This Chef’s Path 14-piece set is a great pick for an all-around helping hand. It comes with two extra tall containers, four large containers, four medium containers, and four small containers. They each come with airtight latch-on lids to keep foods fresh and secure. Their tall design makes them perfect for pantries and refrigerators since they take advantage of unused vertical space. Plus, it comes with measuring scoops and labels to keep everything organized and easy to grab.

Rubbermaid Brilliance 6-Piece Storage Container Set


For folks trying to get their baking ingredients in order, this Rubbermaid Brilliance set is perfect. We already love these containers for their sleek, airtight design. This set is no different. It comes with a 16-cup container, a 12-cup container, and a 7.8-cup container (plus their lids) that are perfect for holding smaller bags of flour, sugars, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and other key baking ingredients. With a 33% discount, it’s tough to pass up. 


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