Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

The mental health conditions that I have battled for decades fill a long list. I also have a mélange of unhealthy coping mechanisms I’ve used to combat those conditions. These methods are instinctual, and it’s difficult to replace them with healthy coping skills. But I’m trying.

My go-to is binge eating. When I’m not overeating, I’ll misuse my anxiety medication. Then if that fails, I’ll shop. I won’t just buy a new blouse or lipstick. I’ll spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in a day or two on clothes, shoes, bags or random things I don’t need. Out of all my acts of folly, this is the most dangerous. Sure, I get a reward from eating, but the euphoria doesn’t last. Same with the medicine. Negative emotions trigger all of these emotions.


By admin