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Although most people have heard of u PVC and double glazing windows before, not many are familiar with triple glazing windows. That is why we wrote this article to discuss the facts about triple glazing. The pressure is starting to slowly mount for builders and homeowners to switch over to using triple-glazed windows. However, does it really make sense to do this And what is triple glazing anyway?

What Does Triple Glazing Bring to a Property?

Triple glazing adds two addition glass panes with one pane and then insert gas (usually argon gas) is inserted into the space that is in between the panes of glass. The concept here is that having multiple glass layers will help to prevent heat loss and therefore reduce your gas bill in the winter. You can achieve heat loss prevention by using double glazing windows. However, according to triple-glazed window fans, having three panes of glass is better than having just two panes.

There are actually divided opinions on this subject. However, experts have weighed in on the matter and have determined that in order for magic do really be worked by triple glazed windows, that krypton needs to be used as the filler gas instead of argon. The frame also needs to be insulated. Without those two details, there really isn’t a big difference in how much money you can save with triple glazed versus double glazed windows.

Triple Glazing Costs & Guide. Triple glazing can potentially cut your energy bills and make your place of business or home quieter, safer, and warmer at the same time. The average cost is about £2,500 for a 2-bedroom house. Prices will vary in a Upvc frame, depending on what frame materials are used (Aluminium ad UPVc options are standard).

Installing triple glazing, with 15 windows on a 4-bedroom house, may cost £6,500 to £8,000, depending on the profiles and frames.

Should You Have Triple-glazed Windows Installed?

That depends or whether you really want to have highly energy-efficient windows and an ultra-quiet home. If you expect that in the short-term the windows will pay for themselves, then you will be disappointed since it takes a number of years for the savings to accumulate. However, if you are considering replacing the windows that you currently have then the cost of triple and double glazed units is comparable with one another. Aluminium double glazed windows is an option many have not considered but should look at all options before deciding.

If you really would like to have triple glazed windows installed, there really isn’t any reason not to have them. You just need to be sure to have a professional install them. In the Google search bar, simply type in “triple glazed windows” along with your local area’s name.

What if You Have Double-glazed Windows Already?

Can they be turned into triple glazed windows? There are companies that do offer this service. However, be sure to compare at least three of them before determining which one to hire. We aren’t sure about the costs, however, it will cost a fair amount although it won’t be as expensive as having new windows installed.

To conclude, for many homeowners, triple glazed windows are still quite the fancy prospect. So you should carefully consider the first before making your final decision.

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