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The problem of not getting to handle a fashion item and personally testing its brand quality before making the payment is one of the many reasons why most people fall into the net of buying fake brands online.

When you buy a pair of new shoes, bags, or other online accessories from an online store, you will need to put your detective skills to work in finding out if the brand is as real as the sellers portrayed it to be. You may want to ask, is zaful legit as other online stores? The answer is a resounding Yes!

You can save yourself all of this stress by sourcing reliable information before diving to purchase any fashion brand online. Critically studying fashion brand reviews will go a long way in helping you spot what is real and fake.

Let’s guide you through tips on identifying and avoiding buying a fake fashion brand online.

How To Identify A Fake Fashion Brands

There are situations where you’ll need to buy secondhand items. Even at that, you should still be able to point out if the product lacks quality.

Below are tips on how to identify a fake fashion brand;

1.    The Craftsmanship

For example, if you’ll be buying a fashion handbag with patterns, one thing you should look out for is to check the seams.

Counterfeit and low-quality brands don’t have the wherewithal to prosecute what a real designer has on their brand. Check to see if the seam aligns with the pattern; if not, it’s fake!

2.    How Costly Is It?

If you are getting a real fashion brand online, you must consider its price. If it is cheap, the chances are that it’s not the real thing! Real brands will cost you top dollar.

Here’s a pro tip; don’t buy any fashion brand that is way less than 30{13a281b4c1018b8eda99108822e4b9a5c4385fe46666069f65ad09c92ff553bf} (secondhand discount) of the real designer price tag.

Prada won’t sell you a $40 handbag or shoe; you should be vigilant when buying online or from a secondhand store. The more reason you should buy only from authorized stores to be assured of quality.

3.    Check The Logo

For a good quality brand, the logo on it is well printed, and in most cases, with less ambiguity. In identifying a fake brand, you must be sure to have searched for the logo in several other places on the same item.

Here’s a pro tip to help you spot a fake brand logo; for most quality fashion brands, they’ll have their logo engraved on the zipper pulls, shoe soles, and nameplates. A fake brand will have its logo stamped.

4.    How Does It Feel?

One way to get intense discounts on real designer products is to buy from a secondhand store. However, this does not validate every item you find there.

Make sure you feel the item before buying it.

Unfortunately, you don’t get this luxury when buying online.

While the price may fail in certain situations where a much higher price is placed on a counterfeit, you are left to feel the item’s texture. Fake brands feel stiff (more like plastic).

However, don’t forget to do your research well, as buying items online doesn’t assure you the chance to test them before you make the payment.

5.    Check For Authenticity

How did you receive your package after making payment online? Did it arrive in a plastic bag without any documentation? It’s probably fake!

The real designer brand delivers its items in encased covers with cards for identification, not plastic bags.

Final Verdict

If you’re one person with a sensitive part fora budget brand, it may not be long before you nab a fake one online.

Have you paid for an item and never got it delivered to you? That alone might be an indication to avoid buying counterfeit products because many counterfeit goods are seized every year in most advanced nations.

All that’s needed is to be smart and watchful; you can snag a good secondhand brand without demeaning its integrity.

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