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Hijab Doesn’t Block My Dreams


Being a Muslim woman is a blessing in itself for women, even though there are many out there who look down on women who wear the hijab or who have chosen to emigrate. However, it should be underlined that the hijab will not hinder our every step to reach all our dreams.

There are so many women that we can use as role models, they achieve their own success without and have to let go of their necessity. Hijab Because without further explaining clearly that hijab is a very mandatory thing for all women, especially Muslim friends. Here are inspirational women who are successful and still maintain their hijab.

 1. Asthma Nadia. An author whose books are always best sellers and several of his books have been adapted into feature films, one of which is ‘Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan’.

2. Rainbow Diane. The woman, who just got married in 2019, has succeeded in becoming a designer and her boutique already has branches in some of the biggest cities and always has her own style with her style of dress.

3. Laudya Cynthia Bella. This beautiful woman from Bandung, is an inspiration for some Muslim friends and not infrequently the adams also crave a figure like her to be their partner. Unisma Although initially he started his career not using the hijab, but he still istiqomah with his new steps when he first settled on using the hijab in 2015, even though he was afraid of not getting a job in the entertainment world. However, this beautiful woman who is familiarly called Teh Bella is ready to bear all the consequences and start a new step in doing business.

4. Khadija Azzahra. This beautiful Dara who was born in 1996 has been successful at a young age in the field of Make-up. Hijab Now, apart from being a student, she is also the founder of her own brand, Khoka.

5. The following inspirational women are women who come from the salt island, Pamekasan to be exact. Richa Etika Ulhaq, who is familiarly called Ayyi’, is a celebgram that has quite a number of followers. Apart from her style, which is very suitable for hijabers, she also recently graduated from the National Central University in Taiwan with a scholarship.

So, the inspiring Muslim women above have opened our eyes not to give up on what we have been dreaming of, and the hijab will never hinder our dreams. Keep trying and praying. 😀