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A SAVVY shopper has revealed how he’s managed to halve his weekly shopping bill and saved thousands of pounds by buying yellow sticker produce.

Ian Powell has been shopping for reduced produce for the past ten years finding great deals each time he visits the shops.

A savvy shopper has revealed how he's managed to halve his weekly food bill


A savvy shopper has revealed how he’s managed to halve his weekly food billCredit: Jam Press/Ian Powell
He buys yellow sticker food to cut down on costs


He buys yellow sticker food to cut down on costsCredit: Jam Press/Ian Powell
Ian Powell shops for himself, his partner and their dog


Ian Powell shops for himself, his partner and their dogCredit: Jam Press/Ian Powell

He has not only managed to slash his grocery bill but also managed to save an estimated £1,800 a year on food.

Now Ian has revealed his top tips including where to shop and what time to visit in order to help other shoppers save their pennies.

“My shopping bill was originally around £60, but I now spend no more than £25/30 a week on food shopping” the 56-year-old from Welshpool, Wales, told Need To Know.

He continued.“I started yellow sticker shopping around 10 years ago – it’s a bit addictive if I’m honest.

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“I’m constantly looking out for the best deals that I can get my hands on.

“In total shopping this way for so long I’d estimate that I’ve saved thousands.”

Ian explained that he shops for himself, his partner Nicky and their little dog Lucy.

Sharing more details around his method, he said: “I mainly search for fresh meat to get the best reductions in price.

“This includes beef joints, legs of lamb, fresh fish, and seafood as well.

“Sometimes I do try and mix up what I buy searching for new produce that we might not have tried if it wasn’t reduced in price.”

Ian has revealed some of the best bargains he’s found while shopping in the yellow sticker section.

He said: “I’ve had so many amazing deals but the best was probably £3.39 for a leg of lamb and I bought several of these to stock up in my freezer.

“I also managed to purchase a massive beef joint for just £7, reduced from over £14.

“Another great saving I managed to pick up was prawn linguine for just 39p.

“I’ve also purchased a whole sea bream for just £2.40 and cuts of fish fillets for 62p.

“One day I headed to the shop and got a giant meat bundle including assorted meats for 26p.

“In the same bundle, I purchased lamb chops for £1.25, sausage rolls for 38p and pork crackling for 27p.”

Ian has now revealed what he’s used these super savings for and his top tips for other shoppers.

He added: “I use some of the money I save to buy saving stamps and collect them through the year.

“I also use them on my big Christmas shop which means I don’t have to budget for Christmas and I can buy whatever I want without worrying about the cost.

“I find the best shop for yellow stickers in my area is Morrisons as they seem to reduce to a very low price, more so than others.

“I find the best time to go is about 3.30 which gives me the first choice for the more expensive items such as red meat.”

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Ian Powell has saved £1,800 in a year with this method


Ian Powell has saved £1,800 in a year with this methodCredit: Jam Press/Ian Powell
Anyone can do the same thing


Anyone can do the same thingCredit: Jam Press/Ian Powell


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