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If there’s a star that we love to keep our eyes on for beauty inspo, it’s Jennifer Aniston. The Morning Show actor’s beauty icon status may have started with a haircut, but after decades gracing our TVs and film screens, Jen has become synonymous with head-to-toe timeless beauty, inside and out. 

With every year that goes by, the Friends star’s famous radiance never seems to change. What everyone always want to know is: How does she do it!? So I went on the hunt for Jennifer’s all-time beauty faves, and I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this, you are just as curious as I was. 

 jennifer aniston beauty with makeup artist

One thing that sets Jen apart from other celebrities on the red carpet is that rather than opting for dramatic hair and make-up switch-ups for every other event, she grabs attention to jaw-dropping effect instead with her consistent, understated glam both in the spotlight and in everyday life. 

Basically, if she finds a beauty secret that she loves, and suits her, she sticks with it. (And in the case of her go-to collagen Vital Proteins, she even signed on as Chief Creative Officer!)

I really can’t blame the LolaVie hair care founder for sticking to her all-time faves and the occasional new discovery –her skin always has a major glow and her hair, even in her Instagram candids, looks healthy and full of body, without fail. So the beauty products she’s chosen are clearly working!

The TV icon doesn’t always spill her beauty secrets, but every now and then she reveals her skincare heroes. So, I rounded up a few of the beauty products she has said she loves in the past, from a splurge-worthy luxe gold sculpting bar to a facial cleansing bar that’s a budget drugstore buy! 

Keep scrolling for a peek at Jennifer Aniston-approved products you’ll probably want to add to your own beauty regime.

Jennifer Aniston’s go-to beauty products

Her red carpet glow

jennifer aniston looking great at SAG awards 2024© Amy Sussman

Her iconic glossy hair

Selfie time! Jennifer showed off the hairstyle that has inspired a generation

Jennifer launched her own beauty company, Lolavie, back in 2021 and one product you might have spotted her using regularly on social media is the frizz-busting LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner ($29 / £23), the secret to her shiny hair.

If you’re not able to to get your hands on Jen’s beloved Lolavie, take note: the Friends star also previously said she is fan of Olaplex. “I use an Olaplex hair mask once a week and I often let my hair air-dry to avoid damage caused by hot styling tools,” she previously told Marie Claire. One of the most popular is the brand’s Olaplex No 3 ($30 / £18.24), which strengthens the hair from within, reduces breakage, and improves its appearance.

Her inside-and-out beauty

 jennifer aniston in kitchen adding vital proteins to coffee

Jennifer is a big fan of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder (Sale price $18.65 / £21.94), which is great for supporting healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. She has even shown off how she adds her go-to collagen routine to her morning cup of coffee on Instagram.

In fact, she’s so passionate about Vital Proteins that she joined the health supplement company as Chief Creative Officer in 2020.

Her fresh-faced make-up

jennifer aniston in gold dress with shiny hair© Pascal Le Segretain

When it comes to makeup, the actress once revealed that she swears by Clé de Peau Beauté concealer ($75 / £55), which conceals dark circles and blemishes, has long-lasting full coverage, and gives a smooth, seamless finish. “If I could only have five make-up products in my make-up bag, they would be mascara, lip balm, a good lipstick – I like Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Penelope Pink, ($35 / £27) – Clé de Peau Beauté concealer and a rollerball of one of my fragrances so I can reapply on the go, she told Marie Claire Australia.

If you’re wondering what lip balm she has used, she has said she ‘loves’ natural beauty brand Dr Hauschka’s Lip Balm ($17 / £9.35), which you can get on Amazon.

Her radiant (but always sun-protected!) skin

jennifer aniston glowing skin at golden globes© Amy Sussman

Having served as the face of Aveeno for over a decade, Jennifer told Forbes that moisturizing daily and using Aveeno 50 SPF sunscreen are key. 

Self-care Sunday is another secret. The Aveeno spokeswoman told Shape in 2017: “Sunday is my spa day. I usually do a little mini-facial time where I just give myself a good scrub, use a mask, and then the Aveeno Positively Radiant Hydrating Facial Moisturizer ($13.10 / £19.99). I leave it on overnight and when I wake up I have that dewy, glowing, twinkling skin.”

Her affordable beauty secrets (Shhhhh!)

jennifer aniston with curly hair

It was way back in 2015 the she revealed that when she gets a pimple (Yes, even Jennifer has had them!), she uses as drying lotion. “Mario Badescu has a great drying lotion that I used for years and years,” she said of the Mario Badescu drying lotion ($17 / £13.60) of which Drew Barrymore and Kylie Jenner are also fans.

She has also used the classic Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar ($2.65 / £7.45) for years. “It’s been pretty much the same routine for a long time since I’m a creature of habit. I wash my face with my Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, and then I usually use a toner, whatever toner of the month I’m using. And serum, depending on what serum I’m using at the time.”

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