JMGO N1S Ultra 4K projector review

JMGO N1S Ultra 4K: 30-second review

At first glance, it’s hard to see any real differences between the JMGO N1S Ultra and the older JMGO N1 Ultra in terms of physical design. They both look very similar, with the main projection unit sitting on top of the solid gimbal. This gimbal design, while simple, is incredibly useful when setting up and positioning the projector, enabling fast adjustments to fit a wall space or screen. What’s more, like the N1, the N1S features outstanding instantaneous autofocus and keystone adjustment, which ensures the projection adjusts perfectly to the projection surface.

One of the features that makes the N1, and now the N1S, a great choice is its size, weight, and design. Like many of the best portable projectors we’ve tested, it is small enough to make it easily transportable, especially with the foam hard case that it ships with. This means that this is one of the few projectors with brightness, colour accuracy, and portability, making it a great solution for both home and business.