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Getting to the supermarket can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times.

Bright fluorescent lights, a bombardment of colours everywhere you look, that pop song you heard far too many times five years ago playing loudly through the speakers, and worst of all, the queues. The lines resemble being stuck in peak-hour traffic, and you just want a packet of pasta, some sauce and an iota of relief.

It results in spending the least amount of time inside these shopping complexes as possible. Grab and go. Which often means compromising a decision to pick up a healthy selection of products.

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Round that all out with the weight building up in your trolley that you are pushing around the supermarket, navigating the hoards of other trolley-pushing shoppers. Children crying in the wheeled, metal oversized chariots, all in the name of feeding ourselves to repeat the cycle days later. It’s an ordeal, and you haven’t even bent over to load the heavy purchases into the car’s boot.

We’ve all experienced an abbreviation of this. Shopping for groceries has become an arduous and undesirable task. But the people behind Part&Parcel have combatted that with their new convenient online store that stocks good quality pantry staples sourced ethically and sold at affordable prices.

A new convenient alternative – Part&Parcel

Part&Parcel is absolutely an online organic health store that solves these shopping woes. Parents of young children, Dan and Lia, were exhausted by the same obstacles when grocery shopping. Fuelled by the primary concern that arose for them, the difficulty experienced in sifting through countless processed and packaged items, they spent years researching brands that preach health and were staggered by the number of false claims. A natural health bar with more sugar than dairy milk? Preposterous but true. It was also exceedingly challenging for them to pour over labels while raising a young family and working their jobs to avoid purchasing a product that contained nasty additives or preservatives. Hence, Part&Parcel came to be. Woven into Part&Parcel is the pursuit of providing Australians with a healthy, affordable and convenient alternative to shopping for household pantry staples.

“All Australians deserve to eat well and shop ethically” – Part&Parcel, within this ethos, have decided to only stock products void of preservatives (any number), sorbates, sulphites, artificial colours, processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods, hydrogenated fats, bleached flour, and industrial seed oils.

Although Part&Parcel falls in line with what is becoming the preference for most people – online shopping – this isn’t a click-and-collect operation for supermarkets, nor is it a means of attaining a quick hit of fast food. Forget Uber Eats. You won’t find frozen pizzas and cheezels on their website because Part&Parcel makes it easier and more accessible to eat healthily. They’re also making it affordable, which for the hesitant and frugal amongst us, renders few valid excuses to shy away from a change in our relationship with food.

Affordable prices

For the small price of a one-off $30 membership sign-up fee, people can access Part&Parcel at their own discretion. Part&Parcel guarantees that, on average, those who choose to shop on their online store will save up to 30% each time they make purchases. They even suggest that upon spending your first $150, you would save the money you spent on your initial $30 sign-up fee to become a member. From there, it’s pure savings, with more active members pocketing savings of $1,000+ each year.

The experience Part&Parcel provide is designed to offer a wide range of products with fewer options to avoid the burden of excessive choice. Part&Parcel upholds this by providing members with a curated selection of products, counteracting the saturation of options within the market. In today’s day and age, even the most determined shoppers would find themselves spending immeasurable amounts of time attempting to circumnavigate it all and come out with nothing but a weary mind (and perhaps a product that isn’t as healthy as the initial intention). Part&Parcel have instead put in the work for us all, “eliminating the tyranny of choice”. They pride themselves on the pleasure and passion involved “to put in the extra work to separate the organic, stone-ground wheat from the ordinary chaff.”

This is achieved through going above and beyond to research all ingredients going into products and scouring through all the health claims and customer reviews. Part&Parcel are void of deception and establish a solid case for trust in their process and the stocked items available on their online store.

Members can expect to choose from a range of products at significantly lower prices, inclusive of seeds and nuts, rice, pulses and grains, an assortment of dried goods, vegan shelf stable milk and drinks, protein, personal hygiene, canned vegetables, beans and fish, oils, condiments, coffee and tea, snacks, cooking and baking essentials and much more. The large and ever-growing range means those interested in buying through Part&Parcel will need to look no further for quality pantry and household staples.

All that is stocked through Part&Parcel is sustainably and ethically considered before having the opportunity to be sold through their website. Around 90% of the products available come with a certification of organic farming practices or are listed as Certified Demeter Biodynamic (farmed holistically and ethically). Whilst the other 10% do not come with a registered organic stamp because organic certification is an expensive pursuit, and often farms need to be bigger to justify the rigmarole involved in acquiring such. A product may also contain multiple ingredients that are not all organic, which renders the product not organic, at least from a legal perspective. However, farming practices may be nearly identical to certified organic counterparts.

Alongside valuing organic, Part&Parcel prioritise local products, as they sell a wide range of Australian products; however, realistically, not all products are farmed or produced in Australia and where so, Part&Parcel look to international brands. But they only do so by considering the brand’s approach to sustainability and its positive impact on a local or even global level. For example, Coffee or Cacao farms that employ women take precedence, as do brands that donate to charities or companies that educate their communities about health.

The research to make such considered decisions remains vigorous. It involved a few years of contemplative and informed decision-making about which brands to sell before Part&Parcel went live. Members can rest assured this research has been incorporated, and that the research is an ongoing process, too, with new items becoming available only if a company is making a product that checks off all the criteria of Part&Parcel.

Part&Parcel take its relationship to sustainability and waste reduction one step further in its approach to shipping and distribution of orders. They are committed to re-purposing boxes and packaging from their suppliers and, where possible, ensuring that the packaging and boxes they are using are made from 100% recycled cardboard. This includes the biodegradable protection paper and eco-friendly sticky tape they use. They pledge that all the packaging any order comes in is 100% recyclable.

Part&Parcel isn’t just stopping there either and remains outspoken about its intention to work towards being a 100% plastic-free operation that stores products in green-powered warehouses with deliveries made entirely by electric vehicles. In a nation where the government is seemingly averse to investing in renewable and green forms of energy, companies and businesses like Part&Parcel can change the outcome of what appears to be a grim future.

What more could one desire from a service that provides foods free of corporate intervention and damaging agricultural practices?

Part&Parcel set out to establish a community, albeit primarily digital, where members feel heard. So much so that they have provided an email address where members can reach out to suggest products, ask questions about certain products and send through any other enquiries. At [email protected], anyone can contact them with queries and make recommendations, as Part&Parcel is affirmed that any given member must have exceptional taste to be a Part&Parcel member.

In a world where grocery shopping has become a monotonous and arduous task, Part&Parcel have created a less stressful alternative that ensures its members are only accessing the healthiest pantry staples at the most affordable prices.

Visit the Part&Parcel website here.

This article was made in partnership with Part&Parcel.


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