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Retail India News: ‘Extra Butter’ Takes Mumbai by Storm with its 1st Iconic Store in India

Extra Butter’s journey began in 2007 when two visionary brothers, Ankur and Nick Amin, fused their love for sneakers, film, sports, and culture into a ground-breaking concept. From this spark emerged Extra Butter, a dynamic New York streetwear and fashion boutique that grew into a globally revered independent lifestyle brand. It’s a brand that doesn’t just sell products; it crafts stories and fosters a tight-knit community.

Throughout the years, Extra Butter has elevated its reputation by curating a peerless selection of products, delivering exceptional customer service, and offering a cinematic shopping experience in its retail boutiques. Tomorrow, Extra Butter is set to make its grand entrance into Mumbai, marking its maiden international venture beyond U.S. borders. This iconic brand’s flagship store will take root in the vibrant business and retail hub of Lower Parel, promising Mumbai an unforgettable taste of global streetwear culture.

Offering experiential retail, a meticulously curated brand and product mix, tailored digital experiences and their own inimitable style of storytelling, Extra Butter Mumbai is all set to offer up something truly unique and never-before-seen in the city.

Extra Butter is a dynamic New York streetwear and fashion boutique that grew into a globally revered independent lifestyle brand. It's a brand that doesn't just sell products; it crafts stories and fosters a tight-knit community.Customers can expect a mix of best-in-class streetwear fashion brands, including A Bathing Ape, Carhartt WIP, Dhruv Kapoor, Drôle De Monsieur, Gramicci, John Elliott, Marni, Neighborhood, Pleasures, Thug Club, and the highest tiers from leading footwear brands like Adidas, ASICS, Birkenstock, Converse, Crocs, New Balance, Puma, and more.

In addition to the fastidiously curated list of brands listed above, Extra Butter’s Mumbai flagship store will also offer graphic tees and streetwear staples from the brand’s private label. The inaugural collection features the brand’s classic ‘Official Selection’ logo, along with retro Bombay-inspired graphics, which provide a fun desi twist and a nod to the cultural roots of Extra Butter’s founders.

Speaking about the launch of Extra Butter in India, Ankur Amin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Extra Butter, said, “Firstly, I am Indian-born, so it means a lot to me, personally, to bring products and stories that I love back to my homeland.  But also, India is an important market.  It’s an up-and-coming nation and there’s a great opportunity to be able to break ground in a vast market that’s relatively new to street and sneaker culture.”

Co-Founder Nick Amin added, “My brother and I have been in this industry for over 40 years and sneakers are more a lifestyle than a trend for us.  We have borne witness to this culture during its birth in NYC and seen it grow astronomically over the years in the West and believe that it will do the same over the next few years in India.” 

Extra Butter’s Creative Director, Bernie Gross, further commented, “We have the opportunity to tell some important stories, set the tone and create a landscape that we feel would be a proper representation of what is streetwear and high fashion in our eyes,” 

Extra Butter plans to deliver throughout India via their e-commerce website, which also launches on September 9, in conjunction with the shop.  The brand’s future plans include opening additional doors in Delhi and Bengaluru in the coming two years.

Designed by acclaimed Interior Designer, Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier, Extra Butter’s Mumbai flagship store retains the DNA of the brand’s NYC stores while taking inspiration from India’s craftsmen and creatives.  

“Ankur wanted the space to remain interesting even on one’s 10th visit to the store,” says Sarah. “He wanted a luxury store which spoke to Extra Butter’s legacy. But since this is their first outpost in India, and it’s this big, beautiful, stand-alone space, we wanted to do something that celebrated India too. So, the challenge was to marry Mumbai and New York, which was achieved by purposefully using Indian materials. But, from an overall look-and-feel point of view, it feels very internationally luxurious.” The décor team focused on the lighting in order to be sure that everything is universally lit, and the product remained the star of the show. The vision was to present a space that elevates product offerings and inspires a community that strives to achieve and build memorable stories through their own individual journeys,” she added

Finally, Extra Butter’s Mumbai store also boasts a cozy indoor-outdoor commissary in partnership with celebrated restaurateur, Aditi Dugar’s, TwentySeven Bakehouse.  The premium cafe space is meant to momentarily transport one away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From the flooring to the handmade wicker furniture to the exotic plant life and vibe on the back patio, the space is unique and memorable.

“I don’t think Mumbai has a store that’s anything like this. I feel like either brands try to emulate the West or Western aesthetics, or they stay very rooted in India. Here we’ve managed a happy marriage between East and West,” concluded Sarah Sham.



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