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Leslie Robb, store manager of the brand-new Safeway D’Arcy Crossing in Okotoks, can’t help but think back to December 13, 1998. The town – the world – was a very different place. The way people shopped for groceries and made food for their families was different as well.

Sure, some things have never changed. Working families, freshly-minted college students on their own for the first time, singletons cooking for one – they had always been taken care of by the local Safeway. However, shoppers today need more options: gluten free, vegan, vegetarian – and in a changing economy, one of the biggest needs is incredible value.

Safeway delivers all this – and more.

Okotoks’ Safeway has always been here for families through changing times. Now, on July 20, the new D’Arcy Crossing Safeway store opens, showcasing Safeway’s biggest evolution to date; and that evolution is led by what the customers want and need.

And Leslie and her incredible store team wouldn’t have it any other way.

 “We chose this location because of its convenience and ease of access for shoppers and for our team. We employ locally, giving residents an opportunity to work in their own community without having to travel out of town,” says Leslie

“We drew inspiration from how shopping has changed and what people are looking for. Customers can expect ‘something for everyone,’ from budget-friendly, family-sized ready meals to fresh lobster for those special occasions. We have also expanded our international selection of products – spices, lemongrass, samosas, souvlaki, four-pack taco meals – there are so many new and exciting products to try.

The grand opening of the D’Arcy Crossing location takes place on July 20 with the 8:30 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony. Gift cards ($25 value) will be given to the first 250 customers. On the following days more store opening celebrations will follow, including a Spolumbo’s charity BBQ on Saturday, July 22 from 11am – 3pm. The Eagle 100.9 FM will be on location too, handing out prizes.

“There will also be in-store specials featuring our local vendors,” adds Leslie.  Those local vendors include but are not limited to: The Salt Cellar, Meela’s Mixes, Fresh is Best, Ryvita, Sunshine Soap Shop, Bone to Broth and Spolumbo’s.

D’Arcy Crossing Safeway customers can expect a broad selection and excellent service at the new store.

“The success of our brand is based on superior customer service. It’s our collective passion and mission to operate the team as a family and nurture the things that make life better. Food is such a central focus for all family events and day-to-day life – our team loves providing all the ingredients for life each and every day! I know it sounds cliché, but we really are a family and that is why we make such a great team.”

 “We have experts in every department willing to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for.”

What customers are looking for can be found, along with helpful in-person advice, samples upon request at the cheese and deli counter, and cheerful service in the following departments.

  • A Rachelle Béry boutique.
  • The same pharmacy team from the previous location led by Robert Court.
  • Grab-and-go florals for every special occasion – or for when you want to treat yourself.
  • A deli with made-to-order options for lunch and supper, including pizza that the deli team will cook so you have it hot, fresh and ready upon checkout.
  • A fully-stocked bakery with value packs of products (such as freshly made buns) and custom cakes made on site in the Bake Shop.
  • A full-service meat counter that will cut and marinade to your specifications. The selection includes Nagano Pork, Sterling Silver AAA Beef, and a dry-aged beef that is unique to Safeway.
  • Fresh seafood and an in-store steamer (have your seafood steamed while you shop).
  • Produce picked and packed at the peak of freshness and showcased in a market-style department. Grab-and-go produce such as fruit kabobs.

“Expect incredible value and a much larger selection of budget-friendly items in our store. Also, our customers wanted online shopping and delivery service and we listened. As of July 19, customers can have groceries delivered rights to their door by  ordering online through

What will never change, however, is the local Safeway’s drive to give back and be an outstanding community partner.

“Fundraising is so important to us; this year we are so proud to have raised $20,000 for the local food bank,” says Leslie. “Other charities we support include Toonies for Tummies, the Special Olympics, child youth and mental health, children’s hospitals, and organizations that reduce food insecurity.”

To help mark the occasion of the store’s grand opening, the Safeway D’Arcy team is donating $2,500 in food products to the Sheep River Health Trust as part.

As the previous location winds down and the new one opens, Leslie says on behalf of the team, “Thank you to our customers for their continued support and patronage – we can’t wait to show you what’s new in store at our beautiful D’Arcy Crossing location! I also would like to welcome our future generations of Safeway shoppers to our new store.”

“It’s a new era. Food products are not the same. Dietary needs are not the same. Families’ grocery shopping needs are not the same. We have made the conscious decision to evolve the store to meet these changing times. Freely shop for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free products. They won’t be regulated to a special corner of the store; they will be integrated into their applicable aisle because this makes shopping easier for our customers.

“Everything we have done is to get our customers excited about grocery shopping again. We are passionate about Safeway, our employees, and you – our shoppers. If you are happy, we know we are doing things right,” says Leslie.


Don’t stress about dinner tonight. Don’t fuss about the weekly grocery trip. With the new Safeway in D’Arcy Crossing, going to the grocery store is a fun and exciting experience where you will find new things, have the ultimate convenience in healthy “take-out” food, and find the best, value-added grocery shop every single time.


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