Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
Swedavia opens new Marketplace with food and shopping at Arlanda

Swedavia is making a major investment in developing the commercial offering at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

This will now be especially clear when the first part of the brand-new Marketplace in Terminal 5 opens its doors.

The long-term strategy behind this venture has a focus on variation, renewal and value for money.

The Marketplace now opening in Terminal 5 will be the heart of Arlanda’s commercial offering.

It provides a variety of food, beverages, shopping and services concentrated in an area with 11,000 square metres of floorspace right next to the new state-of-the-art security checkpoint.

The space has been carefully planned to make things easy for passengers and help create an inspiring and pleasant environment. Many of the food and beverage concepts are completely new to the airport.

“Our vision for the new Marketplace is to make shopping, food and beverages part of the experience for those heading off on their travels,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, Chief Commercial Officer at Swedavia.

“There should be a range of different options in terms of both restaurants and shops, which will suit many different needs.

“This investment is Swedavia’s biggest ever in the commercial offering at Stockholm Arlanda, and with it – together with the new, modern security checkpoint – we will significantly improve the passenger experience at the airport.

“Our new focus is on competitiveness, value for money and a broad offering rather than ‘luxury shopping’ for all the passengers – up to 100,000 a day – who pass through the Marketplace before their flight,” says Charlotte Ljunggren.

“Many of our partners are now also choosing to invest significantly in totally new concepts and their largest outlets ever. Among other changes, the new tax-free store will be unique at Arlanda and twice the size of the previous outlet.”

After the first part of the Marketplace opens, the commercial offering at Arlanda will gradually be developed with the addition of even more operators, and the aim is to be completely finished by late 2024–early 2025.

In late 2023–early 2024, the next big phase of the project awaits, when the major investment in food and beverages – The Veranda, with its 4,000 square metres of floorspace – will open. The area will house a brand-new fine dining concept and a new Food Hall, among other things.

“When you are travelling, no matter what the purpose of your trip is and whether you travel frequently or rarely, you are outside your usual, everyday environment as soon as you get to the airport, which means both your shopping behaviour and needs change,” says Charlotte Ljunggren.

“While online shopping is experiencing ever stronger growth, experiences and inspiration during physical shopping trips, which take place less often, are also growing in importance.

“We have seen that passengers are receptive to new products and inspiration, and we want to give travellers both unique and local offerings and make their visit to our Marketplace an experience.”

Concession contracts for the Marketplace, and the commercial offering throughout the airport, have entailed extensive business intelligence and customer surveys.


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