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One woman went grocery shopping only to find out that there wasn’t any food on the shelves, just printed photos of food while the store renovated.

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Grocery shopping can be such a pain sometimes. I mean, waiting in those never-ending lines to pay inflated prices for food is not exactly a fun day out. In fact, it’s gotten so tedious and time-consuming that many folks are now switching to grocery delivery services like Instacart to save themselves from the hassle.

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And while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, one TikTok user just pointed out a new reason why hitting up the supermarket can be so frustrating.

woman passing by empty shelves at grocery store
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Woman who is grocery shopping says the shelves don’t have actual food stocked on them, just printed photos.

In a TikTok video, a woman named Paige (@cosmicwildp) is filming in the middle of an aisle at a Kroger store. She shows viewers that while the shelves appear fully stocked at first glance, it’s all just an illusion.

“Just when you thought grocery shopping couldn’t get any worse,” Paige says in her video, as she approaches a shelf of Cheez-Its to reveal that there aren’t actually any crackers there. Instead, it’s just a printed photo of boxes of the popular snack.

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And it’s not just the Cheez-Its that are nonexistent. There doesn’t actually appear to be any actual food products in the aisle she’s in. There are only pictures of what foods are supposed to be there.

“I’m so upset by this,” Paige says as she ends her video.

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Her caption read: “If you want tips on how to hate grocery shopping even more, have them change everything around and then throw in printed photos of food.”

In the comment section, users poked fun at the rather peculiar situation. “Perhaps the real groceries were the friends we made along the way,” teased one user.

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Another wrote: “Proof we’re in a simulation,” later adding in a follow-up comment that the printed food photos were probably hung up to mask food shortages.

tiktok comments
Source: TikTok

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But Paige confirmed in a comment that the store was adding a liquor store and had been changing its layout around. The printed food photos were likely only there to cover up renovations.

“Its like when Disneyland tries to hide construction,” joked one user.

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So, have you ever seen anything like this at your grocery store? While putting up placeholders like this probably looks more professional than just covering up the shelves with a random plastic tarp, stores should at least warn you that not all aisles are actually stocked with food.

I mean, trying to buy Cheez-Its and not being able to because the store is filled with only photos of them is a crime in my book.


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